140° – 0.72w – Blue Led Modules (100pcs)

140° – 0.72w – Blue Led Modules (100pcs)



This price is for 1 bag of led modules.
1 bag includes 100pc led modules.
100pc led modules are total length of roughly 50ft.
120w power supply is recommended for 1 bag of led modules.

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Beam Angle140°
Power Consumption0.72w / module
LED TypeSMD 5050
Driving ModeConstant Voltage
Warranty5 yrs
Max. Connection50 pcs/line
Waterproof RatingIP68
LED Life Span50,000 hrs
Required Power Supply12 V 100w / 100pcs module
Installation MethodTemporary 3M tape applies on each module
Chips in 1 Module
3 Chips in one module / 100 modules in package

Recommended Usage :
They used in
   * Channel letters that are 20 inches or smaller (20pcs max per letter)
   * Car application
   * Stereo shine word
   * Marking
   * Light box
   * Landscape layout and stage adornment
   * Blister word
   * Halls, Bars, Office, Home and Exhibition lighting
   * Garden and Exterior lighting

Features & Benefits:

– New and high quality material for modern lightning
– Energy-saving and environmentally friendly for low electricity cost and multiple using variety. (80% energy saving)
– High brightness for best visibility
– Low heat generating for no need to cooler and no heat damage for your application area
– No UV or IR light radiation for application location
– Seismic, impact resistance for works on many condition
– Non-thermal radiation for healthy using
– Safe and stable, reliable
– Full range colors are available please check other colors in our listing
– Easy to install and convenient to use in all display situation

Package include: 100pcs High Quality LED Module.