About Us


LMC (LED MODULES.COM) has been rapidly growing as a specialized LED module company and leading the LED industry with high quality products at low prices.

We primarily serve sign companies, sign/lighting designers, builders, and other businesses and professionals. Our mission is to deliver excellence to every customer and retain your business year after year. LMC is already known for excellent performance in nationwide.

We offer wide range of cabinet sign modules, Channel letter, RGB color, LED and pixel modules. …We are committed to providing superior quality and outstanding service with our safe, reliable LED products. Every LED products we offer has been tested and refined for quality and optical performance.

Some of the advantages of using signs made with our LED modules include:

Brightness – While neon signs have been the go-to in the past because of their brightness, signs made with LED modules are even brighter, so they really stand out against the night sky, dark buildings, etc. and they are going to get noticed.

Weather-Proof – LED modules are ideal for outdoor signs because they are weather-proof. They can take a lot of extreme weather without being damaged at all, and they aren’t affected by water. They are even dust-proof.

Variety – This type of lighting is extremely versatile, and there are a few different varieties, making them ideal for just about any type of outdoor business sign. The most popular LED signs use channel lighting and lightboxes.

Save Energy–When you use LED module lighting, you will be using just a tenth of the power that you would use if you had neon lighting. This is good for the environment, and it is going to help you save a lot of money on your energy bills.

Reliability – Quality control is our top priority. To ensure performance, longevity and customer satisfaction, LMC consistently conducts tests to guarantee LED reliability. All of our products are UL approved.

Whether you are sign company or business owner, you can depend on us for your next sign or lighting project. Please contact us for the quote.