140° – 0.72w – Green Led Modules (100pcs)

140° – 0.72w – Green Led Modules (100pcs)



This price is for 1 bag of led modules.
1 bag includes 100pc led modules.
100pc led modules are total length of roughly 50ft.
120w power supply is recommended for 1 bag of led modules.

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Beam Angle140°
Power Consumption0.72w / module
LED TypeSMD 5050
Driving ModeConstant Voltage
Warranty5 yrs
Max. Connection50 pcs/line
Waterproof RatingIP68
LED Life Span50,000 hrs
Required Power Supply12 V 100w / 100pcs module
Recommended UsageChannel letters that are 20 inches or smaller (20pcs max per letter)
Installation MethodPermanent 3m type applied. No silicone job necessary if applied on clean surface